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Guitar Chords 2.2

It contains more than 1700 guitar chords expressed in tab notation
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Guitar Chords is a program that contains more than 1700 guitar chords, from the basic to the most complex. All the chords contained are shown on a list in the Chords window. To access them you need to open one of their categories: Mayor & Minor, Augmented, Diminished, Suspended, 6th, etc. The chords are expressed in text form (with tab notation), so you need to know how to read them. The notation begins with the sixth string - which represents the upper string for right handed (bass), then the fifth, fourth, third, second and finally the first string. The number contained in a string position indicates the number of the fret that your finger needs to keep pressed. If an X appears in a string position, it indicates that the string must not to be strummed. If '0' appears, it indicates that the string has to be played openly (without pressing any fret). Apart from showing the basic chord, it includes different variations that you can perform with the same chord, e.g. movable bar chord shapes, and chord shapes using open strings. The program includes an option that allows you to export the Chord information into a TXT file in order to print it.

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  • It contains a wide variety of chords from basics to complex


  • The chords are not graphically visualized. It doesn't indicate which finger is needed to press a fret
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